Photography Courses in the UK

A few of My favorites

Here are a few of my favourite shots from my recent trip. Each photo tells a unique story and has a special place in my heart.

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In 2023 I have asked to run four photography courses at West Dean College, which I am really looking forward too.  The first one is in February.  However, if you would like some help understanding how your camera works, I am happy to give a one-to-one session on zoom or meet up at a garden.

West Dean College - Garden Photography: The Power of Observation and Composition – 13 to 16 June 2024

Come with your camera and explore the gardens at West Dean and further afield. Immerse yourself amongst the early summer flowers: geraniums, irises, roses, cow parsley and buttercups. Slow down, unwind and take time to compose your pictures. Experiment creating abstract images from the patterns and texture you find in the gardens. Spend time looking at architectural and plant structures and how they can be used to add leading lines and interest to your photos. The focus of this course is on composition, lighting and getting it right in camera rather than post image manipulation.

Private Tuition

I am happy to arrange private tutorials tailored to your individual needs, whether you want to get to grips with your camera, need some further technical help on focus, exposure and composition or would like guidance on how to use your photographs to showcase your business. We can also go through practical aspects such as downloading and storing. We can discuss your requirements beforehand so you can get the very best from this one-to-one experience. On the day, we shall spend a few minutes talking through the basics and then will go out ‘into the field’ and take pictures. There will be plenty of time afterwards to go through your images. Private tutorial subjects include: table top/still life photography; gardens/plants. Cost: £45.00 per hour (If you bring a friend or partner there will be £5.00 (12.5% ) discount per person).

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